Now you’re a superhero! Did you want to do this when you were a little boy?
Yeah, to some degree. Who didn’t? Every little kid threw a little bedsheet around their neck and ran around the backyard.

Did you do Spiderman though?
…No I wasn’t…I mean, to be honest? To be completely honest? (x)

Submerged tree in the Green Lake. The Green Lake or Grüner See is a lake in Austria that dries out almost completely during fall, is used as a county park in the winter and is famous for the underwater park which forms during the spring due to the snow meltdown.


*Heavy Breathing* meme: Gara
    ~Merry-Blind Romance PV     


音楽と人増刊号 『PHY Vol.3』 - Ongaku to hito special issue 『PHY Vol.3』

・逹瑯 (Mucc) X ガラ (MERRY) Talk Session
- Tatsurō (Mucc) X Gara (MERRY) Talk Session

scanned by me (Jellyfishromance)
copyright goes to Ongaku to Hito ©
photographs by Yoda Junko

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